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You are a KAWAII BLOGGER of PROPER GRAMMAR. Your CHAINSAWKIND and strife specibii help dissuade your ZOMBIE consorts. May or may not involve the eldritch horrors from The Furthest Ring. Gummy Bears may make several appearances. Your friend Una arted your thumbnail. Kindly use they/them pronouns for me. If you want me to see something, tag it "crocophant". (Sans quotes, of course) I am available at any time to talk about anything, especially potentially being non-binary. (3 more signed up this month and I get a toaster!)
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You Rang?

A gift? For me?






Oh look what finally uploaded!


OMG “inspired by youcanfindmoreeggsthatthat” I inspired someone to do something! :D 

This is so good!

You guys are so awesome

This is great!! I kept laughing out loud and saying ‘Yepp’

Amazing! The judgey face from 3:31-32 was just the best.

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you know what’s funny is that i’ve always been more obsessed with female celebrities for some reason and i used to think that was bc i saw them as role models and wanted to emulate them or whatever

but it turns out i’m just really hella into girls

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"I don’t see you as gay, I just see you as human"

ok but if you have to pretend I’m straight to see me as human then I can do without your support

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who the fuck is snapchatting in the serenghetti

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Everyday Sexism in Just 9 Illustrations

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I felt it was important to have a gif of a certain part of Tom Siddel’s "making of" video of chapter 3 of Gunnerkrigg Court


I felt it was important to have a gif of a certain part of Tom Siddel’s "making of" video of chapter 3 of Gunnerkrigg Court

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but if jenny and vastra were the inspiration for sherlock holmes and jago and litefoot were the inspiration for sherlock holmes and sherlock holmes is also an actual person THEN WHO’S FLYING THE PLANE

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So, I was at lunch with a friend and his sister after seeing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, catching up on stuff and talk turned to the new series of Doctor Who - our expectations, Peter Capaldi, Jenna possibly leaving, the Matt Smith era - and his sister suddenly raises an interesting point.

"Isn’t the Matt Smith era kind of similar to Twilight?"

This caused both my friend and I to pause, and look at each other with a similar expression of puzzlement.

"Yeah - I mean the storyline is very similar," she continued "The main female character has to choose between two men from different races, makes her choice and has baby. Baby grows up abnormally fast, and ends up marrying the other man."

Despite how this theory glosses over some of the plot, it still kind of stunned me as I realisation slowly dawned on me.

I had watched a sci-fi variant of Twilight.

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